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Another Christian Book?

March 1, 2010

I actually wrote this article over a year ago, but I am rereading this book. I had forgotten how good it was then, and how much better it is again. I do that with books that totally capture my imagination; something that has been lost in today’s society. The depths of God are a mystery, and any time we think we have it figured out God will amaze you even more if you let Him.

There are so many Christian books on the market now it is amazing and overwhelming to choose what to read next. People recommend at least five books a week that I should read immediately. There are self help books, spiritual discipline books, men’s books, women’s books, parenting books etc.. How many different ways can we as men try to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ? To admit that it is a mystery that we will never truly understand is hard for most of us; especially the educated elite. Seminary was a tough place for a simple man like me.

However, I was recently challenged by a good friend to read a book called The Shack. The first few chapters were absolutely gut wrenching, but for some unknown reason I could not put the book down. The rest of the book challenged everything I was taught about God in church and seminary. It was unbelievably captivating and beautiful. I am using this editorial to suggest that you read the book and open your mind to the possibilities of our God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am not sure that I agree with everything written in the book because it is a fictional story, but what a wonderful picture of God’s love for us. What a beautiful depiction of the Gospel!


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