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June 21, 2011

Have you ever wondered what your life is really about?

Is there a hint of discontent, because surely this can’t be all there is for you? 

Have you ever felt like you are playing the lead role in someone else’s movie?

Have you ever felt like God may be calling you to do something with your life?

It was hard for me to even write down the questions above, because ten years ago these were the questions haunting the back of my mind: I couldn’t sleep, I stayed stressed out all the time and I felt life had no true meaning. Chasing the almighty dollar had gotten me to a high point of success, but the taste was empty and bitter. It was all smoke and mirrors.

Over the next ten years I searched and searched for meaning and purpose. I begin to uncover my spiritual gifts and desires, but it wasn’t until I attended a Calling Intensive event in Atlanta, GA that the dots begin to come together for me. I was living someone else’s dream for my life, not mine.

If you are really interested in understanding your life, understanding your story and stepping into your real life than sign up for the retreat we have in August (11-14) at Timbercreek Ranch. Gary Barkalow will be our speaker, and he knows more about deciphering calling than anyone I have ever met. It will be worth the investment. If you would like to come, but may need a little help financially please email me at To read more about the retreat, or to sign up visit our website at

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  1. Rosa permalink
    September 24, 2011 8:25 pm

    Seriously,is there any events like this for women?

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