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Do You Need Some Loving, Honey?

August 9, 2011

Everyone needs to know that they are loved. I don’t mean the kind of love in our culture today. I call it because love. I love you because you are my wife. I love you because you are my son. I love you because you are my mom. I mean true heart-felt love that extends deep into our souls. It feels like fingers or some strange substance encircling your heart. The kind that makes you feel good just being inside of your own skin. I love that kind of love.

Do you know God loves you this way?

Do you experience God’s love this way?

Do you experience this kind of love from anyone?

I know at times I struggle feeling loved. Sometimes my tank runs over, but many times my love level is so low I just feel like I am dead, just existing.  So how do you let people know when you need love? Do you think God loves you in those times?

Do you think Jesus knew this kind of love (heart-felt) from God? I would say he did most of the time. He was in constant conversation (prayer) with God which is a good sign that love between two people exists. I have noticed when I am isolated my tank seems to run low, but when Sandra and I are communicating in our relationship I feel loved; I guess it is kind of like Jesus and God. He was constantly affirmed by God and others, another good sign for a man that he is loved.

I wonder if Jesus ever felt unloved.

I am sure He had concerns in the Garden of Gethsemane; you know the whole take this cup from me thing.  The real question about being unloved has to be explored with what he said while nailed to the cross, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Now systematic theologians have for years tried to explain this away as he was feeling the brunt of our sins being placed upon Him, but I question that logic. Jesus was a man, and I think that at times we forget that about Him at this point in his journey. He was dying, hanging on a cross after being scourged by Roman soldiers; watch The Passion again if you have forgotten what scourging was in his day. I am sure at this point He had doubts himself. Crucifixion wasn’t an easy way to die, and it was being perpetrated by the people He was sent to save.


Where was the love?

Do you think Jesus knew God loved Him at that moment? I doubt it!

At that point He didn’t know the end of the story. His human nature was limited like ours. My point is this, even when you don’t feel loved, you are loved. We are limited by time and space, therefore our understanding of love is also limited by time and space. We may feel loved today and hated tomorrow, but the truth is God loves us outside of our limitations, outside of our understanding, outside of reason or logic and we have to let this Love sink deep into the core of our being. Because there will be days that love seems to be absent from our lives, but the truth is it is not! God is Love!

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  1. Jorge Liceaga permalink
    August 9, 2011 7:32 am

    Mike, I have to tell you that this was an awesome thing to contemplate. So glad you put these thoughts down on paper. This is an article worth keeping and framing! Love the comment about systematic theologians trying to explain away the reality of the cross and Gethsemane. The systematic dudes need to remember their Christology, i.e., that Jesus was all man too! I also struggle with feeling loved. Even loved by my own immediate family not because they’re at fault but because of how I’m wired or not, as it were. If you don’t mind, I’m going to use this article and the honest article together, Friday morning. We’re discussing identity through the grid of David Benner’s book, THE GIFT OF BEING YOURSELF: A SACRED CALL TO SELF-DISCOVERY. The topic contains the dreaded question for men…Who are You? Somehow the love issue you’ve discussed here today and our identities are wrapped up together. Still wrestling with it and still mystified by it. This piece touched a deep part in me that has been inaccessible because of my own fear of facing it, somewhat akin to the feeling of being abandoned like Jesus felt only nowhere near as deadly. God spoke to me in this and once again proves that God uses ordinary men to say extraordinary things to blow wind into my sails! Praise the Lord and thank God I’ve subscribed to your blog. My day just got a whole lot better instantly. Thank YOU Mike..

  2. August 9, 2011 8:08 am

    Thanks Jorge! Put this blog on your Facebook for me. I am working really hard to look at Jesus’ life through the eyes of a man. His humanity is something I can relate to, and that is why he was sent. TO feel the same things we do. Love you brother, and yes you can use it on Friday monring. Wish you were coming to the Calling Event.

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