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May 23, 2011

A photograph is a wonderful invention. It is one of our greatest attempts to capture time, space and maybe just a glimpse of our own reality. Usually a photograph is of a special person, a special place, or to capture a small frame of God’s creation. So why do we cherish these little 4 x 6 pieces of paper so much? Because it invokes our memories; it reminds us of experiences that are different from our current reality, back to another time place. For those of us who lived through the experience inside the picture it tells a story. I love story!

This week I spent countless (I did say countless) hours looking at old photographs of Michael’s eighteen years of existence to make a movie for his high school graduation party. As the story begin to unfold before my eyes, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Christ’s words to the disciples at the Last Supper, “Do this in remembrance of me.” I don’t think it was about the covenants at all; it was about LOVE! I wondered as I worked on my project if the disciples laughed and cried as they told stories about Jesus at parties, or over a good meal after He was gone?

For those of you who know my son Michael you will appreciate the video attached. For those of you who don’t, it will be some 4 x 6 pieces of paper with some beautiful scenery put together in a small movie, but for me it is the story of a young man who carries the image of Jesus Christ deep in his soul. Michael you have a super natural capacity to love others son (like Christ), guard your heart well.

I love you son-your DAD!

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  1. Kenneth McDade permalink
    May 23, 2011 9:18 am

    Beautiful moments in his and your life. I know John E. would be proud. I know I am.

    • May 23, 2011 9:19 am

      Thanks Kenneth! Love you man!

  2. Rod Hasler permalink
    May 23, 2011 9:30 am

    Michael is fortunate to have a dad like you. Even as our two sons and son n law continue to grow I am reminded how much they need my affirmation and encouragement along their journey. Men need men desperately in this particular area.

    You are experiencing the following:
    Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate
    (Ps 127:3-5)

    • May 23, 2011 9:34 am

      You are so right Rod! Thanks Brother!

  3. Reggie permalink
    May 23, 2011 10:59 am


    That’s an incredible tribute to your son and to you as a father.

    Thanks for sharing this,


    • May 23, 2011 11:02 am

      Thanks Reggie! He is an awesome kid! Every man should be so lucky as to be blessed with kids he can call friend and son!

  4. Susan Trussell permalink
    May 23, 2011 2:05 pm

    I love the Michael & Co. movie-he IS awesome!!!! Love you guys.

    • May 23, 2011 4:07 pm

      You talking in code?

  5. Lynn Ryan permalink
    May 26, 2011 12:55 pm

    Mike this is awesome. I am proud of you and Sandra as parents. Michael in a fine young man. There are no Coincidences!

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