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Fuzzy Red Socks

March 28, 2011

I challeneged a doctor friend of mine to take up writing as we work through part of the calling on his life. You never know what to expect when you challenge someone to write, but in this case I was blown away. He has now started his own blog, and the link is attached below. I hope you enjoy Fuzzy Red Socks; the tears as I read it again tell me much about the love inside of this man.

Fuzzy Red Socks

unique. She could take a hard and dismal day, and make it into a day of absolute wonder and sunshine. She could turn a broken heart, and a devastated person, into one who found love in everything they were as a person, and everything they did. But, most importantly, she could bottle up one’s joy, and secure the happiest moments within the heart of the beholder. This girls name was Gail, she is my mother, and she too fought cancer.

People from all the land wanted to know her, and wanted a piece of what she could do for all those who knew her. Many people like this could create spells, or make potions…but not this girl, she discovered another way. She did not feel like her ability was that of any kind of magic or any special powers that someone had given her. She knew her talent was pure, and simple. So this girl took one of her favorite things, something very simple. She could do this because she felt like her ability to love, and to lend a helping hand, was just that…simple and pure. She walked to the store, and bought just that, something magical, powerful, and simple. She bought a COZY pair of fuzzy red socks. Now, it may sound simple, but there is a secret to the power of the red socks. It must be given to you by someone else who has discovered the power, and it must be given to you in a time of need, to help you find inner strength. However, it can also be given to you in a time of absolute happiness, so that you can store that feeling within you, and find it whenever it is needed.

So for my friends living with cancer, or those supporting someone who is, I know that you have that inner strength, and for you I give the “Power of the Fuzzy Red Socks!” Wear them when you’re having a hard day and need that extra push, or when you feel good about what you have done, and especially when you have celebrated your accomplishments! It truly works. Here’s to the fight!

The author of this was my sister, and Gail was my mother. Those who knew them treasure the blessings they brought to our lives. Both of these wonderful women have since gone Home, but their love showered on those left behind marches on. It would be so wrong to hold on to such an amazing love and spirit. It would be almost painful to try and harness the glow.

So, the Red Socks club began.

The hope is that the socks warm your feet and your heart.

May you feel God’s presence with you

As you walk this path.

May the peace of the cool flowing air

 Be with you

May the peace of the dark running waves

 be with you

May the peace of the bright shining stars

 be with you

May the peace of the Son of Peace

 Be with you

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  1. Expeditions permalink
    March 28, 2011 1:58 pm

    Beautiful Mike, Thank the good doctor for me. It sounds to me like he has picked up a lot of his mom’s charm.

    Interesting enough – I bought a pair of warm fussy red socks for Dana this Christmas.

    I had a long talk with a young man yesterday whose father died of Huntington disease. His Dad had it for 20 years before he died. The disease brought out the best in this young man as he took adventures with his dad in the years before his death. We were taking about how his dad no longer has Huntington’s and that disease does not name him now. He is whole now and wears a new name that Jesus has given him.


  2. DrT permalink
    March 28, 2011 2:49 pm

    Thanks Jeff, and thanks Mike

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