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Stay in the Rain

March 10, 2011

 I want to introduce a good friend and gifted writer to the people who read my blog. David Guyor has become one of my friends in Colorado over the last year, and he is a lover of God! He also has a heart for the plight of men in this world. Hope you enjoy this blog.

Stay in the Rain

Recently I remembered something God spoke to me a couple years ago.  I believe He wanted me to remember what he said all over again.

In recent years, Becky and I have chosen to live in some ways that have been great but a lot more risky.  We can feel vulnerable, and sometimes just plain scared.  I won’t explain here, but God called us out in some ways that, literally, have saved the life of our hearts.  They have been life giving.  And for me, stepping out with God has been a crazy adventure.

But, there are times when I fight the pull to want to somehow cut a deal and play it safe.  I was feeling this way a week ago.  Life was feeling hard, and I was feeling alone in it.

Then the memory came.  And I realized God had spoken to me about this almost two years ago. 

I was in Northern Michigan with my family.  It was early summer and Becky and I went kayaking one afternoon.  We had big wind most of the week, and Becky and I can be wind and water junkies.  That kind of weather stirs us and we just have to get out in it. (I confess that Becky and I share a secret longing to be boat hippies.  Not the kind of boaters that sip martinis in the company of million dollar yachts. No.  Kenny Chesney’s tune “No shirts, No shoes, No problem” is WAY closer to our fantasy-escape than joining a yacht club.)

Leaving shore meant paddling straight into the wind, and the the rollers and breakers were splitting at our bows and exploding into chilling and refreshing spray.  We felt like we were saddled to bucking broncos, and the wind was so loud we were shouting as loud as we could, hooting and laughing and having a ball.  And we knew that as soon as we turned around, we would surf the rollers back to shore in a fast and wild ride.

A storm was moving in and folks were getting off the water.  So, Becky and I seemed to have all this wild water to ourselves, and after a while Becky yelled to me that she was going in.  I had another idea.

About a half mile off shore you could get to a peninsula by paddling slightly southwest.  I knew once I got there the trees and the elevation of the point would block the winds and I could relax in the calm water inside the wind shadow.

By the time I got there I was drenched, but sure enough, the water was almost glass when I approached the leeward shore of the point.  Finally I was alone.  And I was longing to hear something from God.  Anything.  I had spent some time studying scripture in the mornings, but I wanted more. 

I asked, “Father, what?  Do you want to speak to me?  I would love to hear you,” as I glided along the shoreline.  It was quiet.  And I began to relax and just enjoy what I was seeing and feeling and hearing.  And I didn’t sense anything from God.

A few minutes later it began to rain, and for awhile the rain was soft, even delicate.  And watching water in the rain is mesmerizing.  Circles move outward from every falling drop, and then these circles collide and dance with all the other circles to create something like moving artwork.  It can make you ache . . . in a good way. 

Well, after a while the rain came with earnest, and the sky was wild and I could hear the thunder rumbling closer from the west.  It turned into a real downpour that got harder and then even harder.  Any remaining boat rushed toward shore, and I was having a hard time seeing anything even twenty feet away.  And I was absolutely loving it.  I was laughing and probably had a goofy grin on my face.

I was about to start what I knew would be a quick and crazy trip back to shore when I heard Him.  “David, live this way.  Stay in the rain.  You love this.  You’re alone because everyone headed to shore.  But this is where life is, isn’t it?”  So, right there, in the middle of the energy and enjoyment of the storm, God spoke.

When I got back to shore and headed up to our cabin, I told Becky what I had experienced.  She smiled at me and said, “I knew you were going to stay out there.  I was even jealous of you, and I love that that happened for you.”

So, what if living “in the rain” is rather vulnerable?  Maybe what some folks would call even kind of stupid?  What if “things” don’t turn out like we hope they do? What if life doesn’t look anything like the plans we are making?  What if we “go off the deep end?”

Moses never stepped foot into the promised land.  King David’s sons grew up to be greedy, violent men.  Most scholars think that just about every disciple of Jesus ended up dead, or tortured and then dead.  Some even think the number of converts Paul won to the gospel were pitifully few.  And we’re talking St. Paul, as in author of most of the New Testament, as in who Catholics believe was the Father of the Church.  That Paul.  Oh, and he ended up dead because he walked with God, too!

But, you see, that’s it.  They walked with God.  Not to sound too irreverent, but they got some God!!  Who actually does this!?  Isn’t that amazing?  And all these guys made serious mistakes.  They had their own crud to deal with, and some of it would get them kicked out of most jobs or churches today.  But they walked with God.

According to Hebrews, Moses and David and the disciples and Paul and so many others “did NOT receive the things promised,” but they DID get to walk with God!  They got that.  They got THAT kind of life.  “They were still living by faith when they died.”  Wow.  That’s it.  They lived their faith.  And as obvious as this may first sound, they were LIVING when they died.

How many people do you know who AREN’T living but they are still alive?  Kind of like the old joke, “The lights are on but nobody seems to be home.”  Or, as Albert Schweitzer expressed in a powerful way, “The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.”

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Ralph K McLelland permalink
    March 10, 2011 12:50 pm

    I like the Rain and being out in it. Thanks for sharing bro.


  2. Chuck Jennings permalink
    March 11, 2011 12:12 pm

    We are told to get out of our comfort zone…that’s where we can “Walk with God” …thanks for making it so much clear to see that

  3. Mike Mercer permalink
    March 21, 2011 5:20 am

    Mike, your Stay in the Rain, blog really brought me alive. When I was in the middle of some serious training in the military a fellow with me just quit. This guy was one of the best of the best and he just quit. When I inquired about it he just commented, “You know…life is too important to be unhappy in it. If I’m not having fun I don’t continue to do it.” I was a little shocked at his comment but realized that this guy valued a joyful life. The training was in the Delta Force program, and I learned something important that day.
    Take care friend, Mike Mercer ~

    • March 21, 2011 8:28 am

      Thanks Mike! Hope things are well for you in K.C.

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