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June 9, 2010

Most people do not experience God’s providence in their life. Maybe I should rephrase that, most people do not recognize God’s providence in their life. We live in a culture with men who describe themselves as a “self-made man”, like it is some kind of badge of honor or something. We toll away at our chosen profession and say, “look what I have accomplished and accumulated”; never really seeing the hand of God guiding our steps or fulfilling His promises. We are quick to point out when He doesn’t come through for us, and we quickly forget when He does.

Jesus describes God’s providence for us in the book of Matthew, “Look at the birds of the sky; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” It is a dangerous place to think that what you have is because of your efforts, because it can easily be taken away from you.

I decided to write on God’s providence because many times I fall into the trap of not seeing him provide in my own life. If you have never lived by faith, which means others donating to the cause you have chosen to fight against, then this blog may seem a little strange to you. You might not recognize God’s providence if you have never survived a devastating financial loss, a divorce that leaves you bankrupt or a natural disaster (tornado or fire). Providence is when God’s people come through for you when your own your last leg and you see no way out.

This week I was put in a situation where I had to rely totally on God to provide. We scheduled a retreat/construction mission to help a non-profit ministry in Colorado called Sky Corral Ranch. It is a wonderful ministry dedicated to working to help families bond closer together using God’s creation as the tool. I volunteer my time on Fridays to help any way I can. I got an email from Kelly Wheat (Executive Director of Sky Corral) this past Friday that all of their construction funding for the year was gone because of an unforeseen expense that had to be completed before they could open for the season. A health department inspector decided at the last minute that they had to upgrade their kitchen facilities to pass Colorado Health Department codes ($20,000 expense). Now comes the problem; this depleted the funds we needed to complete our construction project. Plane tickets were booked, and vacation requests approved; this was a catastrophe in the making.

Three (Lynn, Ralph and myself) of us decided we needed to  pray last Friday on the phone together for God’s provision, and we felt God telling us to send out emails to all of our friends. Monday, we did just that, and within one day we reached $2,500.00, and we are halfway to the amount needed to complete the project. We could have easily packed it in thinking we were failures, but God wanted us to rely on Him. He wanted to provide for us like a good Father should.

If you are interested in donating to this mission you can click on the link below and hit the donate button on the right-hand side of our website. I have also attached the link for Sky Corral Ranch. Thanks God for using your people to come through for us. I am humbled!

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