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Are You Experienced?

April 21, 2010

I can remember when my mom would shoot this line at me when I was in trouble or something wasn’t going exactly as I planned when I was a teenager, “you’ll understand when you get older.” I hate that line; something inside of me feels really young when someone says that around me. Can anyone relate to that statement? I am sure you can!

One of my favorite artists of all times is Jimi Hendrix, and one of my favorite songs he performed is Are you Experienced. There is a line in that song that kind of describes life as we get older; it goes like this, “Are you experienced, have you ever been experienced; well I have”. Apparently my mom and Jimi Hendrix were on the same page; experience is important. Now that I am closing in on the big 5-0, and I have gray hair in my beard, I know things about life that were impossible to know when I was younger. You see now I am experienced.

I know things like:
• How to be a good father
• How to survive in a bad financial situation
• What the grief of losing a parent is like
• How to help a wounded man receive healing
• How to balance a check book
• How to drive a car
• How to help a couple get past resentment and bitterness in their marriage
• How to love God
• How to fall in love with your wife again

This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but there are some valuable life skills that I have attained through the years. Many of the things I know now were from actually screwing things up in the past. I have not always been a good husband, good father, or effective with my money. Admitting my mistakes and learning from them has made me a better man.

Now the point of the matter is at hand. Good or bad it doesn’t matter how you arrived at the place you are in life; the purpose of your life is to teach others how to be better than you, or how not to make the same mistakes we have made in our lives. It is the basis of Christianity that has been lost. It is called discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20). It was the last commission to his disciples (us).

You see your life is not your own, and if we (Christians) don’t wake up to the truth that the way we are doing church is not working in the United States. We are losing our congregations, our pastors and our churches at an alarming rate. Soon we will be like much of the European nations-Godless.

We have to help each other; sitting in the pews for our one hour fix of the Holy Spirit is not working. Hurting people would rather go to get help from our government than receive it from God’s people because of the condemnation, gossip and judgment that they receive with it. There are fatherless men all around you who need to be fathered. Spend time at a coffee shop with a younger man in your life, and share your life. The experiences both good and bad are how we learn. Open your eyes!

Wake up and disciple someone!!!! Shine God’s grace into their life!!!!

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  1. April 22, 2010 8:11 am

    good words my friend, good words … and although Hendrix was a very troubled man he was as much or more a spiritual person .. alot of folks remember Jimi as merely a heroin addict .. which he was but he was also a kind and caring person with a heart of gold. The point? … we all have faults of varying degrees of severity .. but most people have overiding traits of goodness … there is where the focus should be

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