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Touqh Questions

March 12, 2010

I promised God sometime ago that I would read the Gospel of Mark. Matthew is probably my favorite, and is the book that I can quote the most scripture from when I am feeling like a scripture Nazi; Mark not so much. I didn’t expect to get much this morning as I read, but something happened in the very first chapter.

John Mark doesn’t have a birth narrative, or the detail of Matthew and Luke; he goes directly into Jesus’ ministry life. Jesus is in Capernaum in the synagogue teaching and healing people. After a long day he heads over to Simon’s (Peter) house, and heals his mother-in-law. Peter is married for those of you who didn’t know. She cooks dinner for them and then there is a knock at the door.

Who is it?

It is the whole town at the door! EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE TOWN IS AT THE DOOR!! He heals more people late into the night, and awakens in the morning before dawn and goes off to a solitary place to pray. Have you ever tried to help people all day long? I am a counselor and my sister is a nurse and we talk about this all of the time; you are emotionally and mentally exhausted from days like this one. Those of you in the people business can relate.

What do you suppose He prayed about?

Who do you suppose He prayed for?

I decided I would answer the questions with how I would feel after a day of counseling like that since Jesus was human.

1. I would have asked for strength because I was exhausted.
2. I would have asked for clarity of mind because my emotions would be shot.
3. I would have asked for rest.
4. I would have thanked God for my gifts.
5. I would have prayed for those who were healed.

Now my list may sound selfish, but if you notice in the 17th Chapter of John Jesus prays for Himself first. What happens next is the part that really forces me to think. Peter came looking for him while he was praying and said,”Hey Man! Everybody is looking for you; we have more people to heal in this town.” Jesus’ response was this, “Let’s go somewhere else, so I can preach there also. This is why I came.”You know there were others to heal, or maybe someone who was out of town that wanted to hear Him.

So why did He leave?

Pray and allow your heart to answer the question! I would love your comments and feedback.

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  1. Ralph permalink
    March 12, 2010 9:19 am

    What I hear in this is that we can not continue to give and give and give all of the time. We have got to learn how to receive as well as give. It is just as important to receive but a lot of churches only teach us to give. Thanks brother, R

  2. March 12, 2010 9:43 am

    God is so great!! this is just what i needed. we must take care of ourselves, recharge or revive. i had the funeral for a 4 month old yesterday and have the funeral for a WWII veteran tomorrow. sometimes it feels like all i do is give. thanks for the truth. ken

  3. March 13, 2010 6:48 am


    You bring up a point we so often over look. We easily read over where Jesus healed everyone well into the night or he healed everyone in the town. Could you imagine watching that! The disciples wrote that all the books in the world could not contain the things Jesus did.

    In answer to your question, I think everything Jesus did was what the Father was doing. Everything he said is what the Father was saying. For whatever reason I think Father was moving Jesus on that day. More is going on in the Kingdom then we are aware.

    Thanks for the question and your thoughts, they are as honest and real as you Mike.


  4. John H. Green permalink
    March 18, 2010 2:47 pm

    He left because His thoughts were no longer His own.

    If Jesus was just as much God as He was human, and He chose to live on earth in His humanity rather than His Divinity, then He chose to leave through human frailty.

    Consider the account of His temptation.

    It seems for me, it is often easier to meet the needs of others than to, (out of Christian Dilligence), than to achive our CALLING. Often I have to say no, or not listen to the bombardment of vocal directives in order to hear God; but mostly, I fail.

    If Christ is my example, how much have I truly missed from not knowing Him in Spirit, but by knowing Him in verbal testimoney from my peers who feel inspired from spiritual zeal previously encountered? Not fully understood or applied to self, but yet eager to reveal?

    My prayer is that I come to know Christ in His human frailty, that his Divinity may be revealed within me.

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