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February 17, 2010

Does anybody else have a skewed version of what it means to be a father? I once thought that providing my children with whatever they wanted was my job: clothes, IPOD’s, cell phones, cars etc…. You get the point, but as I have aged my understanding of what they need from me has changed. My job is to help create memories. You see memories can be positive or they can be negative. They can be remembered or they can be forgotten. Memories can be created, skewed, and repaired, but our memories belong to us and only us. Jesus’ main point of the Lord’s Supper was to remember me.

About six years ago my life became much more deliberate in creating fond childhood memories for my boys. We took a three week trip west in our Honda Van; it was a comical sight looking at us packed in that van like sardines. If we had been in an accident we would have literally exploded. We started in Estes Park, CO where we watched the herds of Elk in the Rocky Mountain National Park, and then we made our way through Utah to the Hoover Dam in Nevada. The next leg of the trip took us to Sequoyah National Park. The presence of God was everywhere. If you have never seen a Sequoyah tree I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list. We played in the rivers, snow drifts, waterfalls and collected rocks in the mountains of California. Later we spent time in San Diego (Zoo) and Los Angeles. Then to put the finishing touches on the trip we spent two days camping and hiking at the Grand Canyon. We traveled 5500 miles in that old blue van from start to finish. Unbelievable!

I know many of you are probably saying something like, “If I had to ride in the car with my kids that far I would kill them.” My sentiments exactly when we started, but after we finished the trip I realized that the sights were beautiful; however, the memories of the fun we had together would last forever. Davis still talks about hitting me with snowballs at Bear Lake. It strengthened our love for each other. It is one of the reasons we now live in Colorado.

Our jobs and careers will come and go. The latest electronic gadget (Christmas present) will soon be at the bottom of their closet. They will soon grow out of their new Aeropostale shirt, but nothing can take their memories.

What kind of memories are you creating with your kids?

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