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Dr. Feelgood

February 15, 2010

Motley Crue was a band I grew up with in the 80’s that was probably the hardest rocking band of the decade. Many of you will recognize this blog as a title of a song they played called Dr. Feelgood. You see Dr. Feelgood was a song about a drug dealer in Los Angeles. One of the lines in the song goes like this, “He’s the one that makes you feel all right.” That’s kind of how we treat God, like He is our drug dealer that needs to make us feel all right. We pray for things like health, wealth, and blessings, and then when something goes horribly wrong in our life we call Dr. Feelgood to make the pain go away. We treat the Creator of all things like a PEZ dispenser full of feel good medicine just for us. I’ll give you an example.

The last two blogs have been two very contrasting styles of God’s word. The first one (For You) was an extreme warning about our teenagers and the problems they face using very tough language about how we as parents pass our wounds and generational curses down to our children. The second one (An Old Camaro) was an actual story of God’s love in a very unique way through a not so ordinary path. I received numerous compliments about An Old Camaro because it was a feel good (actual) story. I only received one comment on the blog For You. Why?

I decided to share a couple of comments about For You from the teenagers and young adults that commented directly to me, and when I placed it on Michael’s Facebook page.

“I’ve talked to many people who feel misunderstood by their parents. One of my friends hardly ever wants to go home from school anymore because he says his parents just nag him to death the whole time.” –Anonymous

“My mom is my best friend, but so many of my friends feel like their parents hate them!” -Anonymous

“I wish my parents could read this and understand” – Anonymous

“This is so true” – Anonymous

I hope you see the point. God is not a slot machine in the sky set up to appease you. You are his creation created to live within his Grace, and there are certain factors in place to guide our lives. So next time you are feeling sorry for yourself because your life is not going how you planned, and you decide to pull the lever on the slot machine for your fix from Dr. Feelgood ask this question.

God, what would you like for me to do or change today for YOU?

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  1. KCBruce permalink
    February 16, 2010 12:31 am

    Mike: Good comments. Sort of a right cross that lands hard.

    Partly what I’ve learned about raising boys (I have three in their 20’s), is that they need other men beyond in their lives besides me. It’s true that sometimes as a dad I have to discipline them in a way no other man in the world has to, and as we all know, that discipline isn’t easy to take. So yeah, sometimes a dad is the last guy a young man wants to talk to. And yet, those boys need a man to talk to. I’m so glad I was blessed with some good men that took an interest in my boys.

    Don’t mean to discount not taking time with them. They need understanding and the strength and encouragement and validation that only a dad can give. Too many times I caught myself wondering when the last time was I said something positive to one of my boys. I was way overboard on the nagging and complaining side.

    I also noticed that they tended to give all of their “good stuff” to others and not to their mom and me. At first I was really put off by that. But I learned quickly that if they did the right thing when I wasn’t around, well maybe I was being somewhat successful after all. It was easier to take their dark side when I knew that they were really ok. And for that, I needed men telling me that, too. Sometimes we get the most critical of our own kids, and it takes another man to put things in perspective and reassure us that our kids are good and kind and brave and will do the right thing when they need to.

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