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A Life Full of Desire

February 5, 2010

It is amazing how many people who enter my counseling office basically have the same problem. Psychology and culture may label their state as being depressed, anxious, OCD, ADHD or narcissism. There are many different hats to try on just pick one. People are constantly looking to define their problem instead of searching for the root. The problem is people in general don’t really do what they enjoy doing in their life. They blame it on responsibility, lack of time and maturity. The bottom line is this; if you don’t find time to do things that you enjoy doing your body, mind and soul will rebel against you.

One of the techniques that I use to help people disarm these issues is through making a list of things that you truly love. It can’t be your spouse, parents, children or God because those are givens. You can really interpret the frame of mind of a person by how hard they struggle with this exercise and if they can define why they loves something. This exercise usually becomes a Pandora’s Box for many people that I counsel.

One day while I was spending time in prayer I decided to use my grand technique on Jesus. It was amazing that he answered me. As He spoke, I asked if it was okay if I shared his answers with others I know. He said, “Sure Mike,” If you think it will help.” So here it is Jesus’ list of things that he loves, enjoy!

Things That I Love-J.C.

1. He loves hanging out with his buddies, especially fishing.
2. He loves seeing the Image of God in the worst of humanity.
3. He loves to travel, especially seeing His Father’s creation in full bloom.
4. He loves to exercise his body.
5. He enjoys a good glass of wine.
6. He enjoys going to a good party.
7. He loves little children.
8. He enjoys teaching others the truth.
9. He appreciates, adores and admires (loves) the women in his life.
10. He loves to take time to rest and meditate.
11. He loves building up and encouraging others.
12. He loves confronting those who think they have it figured out.
13. He loves sacrificing himself for others.
14. He enjoys seeing people healed of their brokenness.
15. He loves the Father more than everything, because He shares the Fathers Heart.

After we finished the list I was amazed how many things that were on his list were on the list of many of the men I know. Maybe there really is something to this being more like Jesus! How does your list compare?

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  1. February 5, 2010 9:02 pm

    This is AWESOME lol I love the one “He loves confronting those who think they have it figured out”– That’s a good one lol

    • February 5, 2010 9:26 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. That means a lot to me. Take care and love yourself well!


  2. February 15, 2010 9:36 pm

    After reading today’s reading on Feb 15 about what kids think about their parents I skipped back to read the last two I missed. I’m glad I did. Thanks again for kicking my butt and rubbing my face all thru the mud. By the way when’s the book due out! Ha ha!JK! I’d buy it!

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