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January 28, 2010

I am really struggling to write this today. It is amazing how sometimes the topic and the focus pour out of your soul like water from a fountain, while other times God seems distant. I hate when it feels like God is distant from me. I usually start analyzing myself to see if somehow my sin is keeping me from hearing him, or I am not working hard enough. Could it be that God is holding out on me?

I finally had to leave the office to begin to be able to hear what God was saying to me. I didn’t even notice the clues that he was giving me like a verse from a friend she had emailed me. The Psalm reads, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him”.

God doesn’t really like to compete against the world for attention. He longs for relationship with us, which means many times alone and in silence. Sometimes God isn’t speaking because I am not available (to busy), so if you feel like God is somehow distancing himself from you quickly look in the mirror and realize you are the one who is distancing from him. Spend time with God in quiet isolation and listen; He still speaks. Thanks for the article God!

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